Early Harvest Olive Oil

The type of virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols, which is harvested and pressed early, is called early-harvest olive oil. The acid value is a maximum of 0.4%. The best squeezing technology of today is the extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold squeezing in continuous machines. Scientific statements have been made that early harvest olive oil is healthier than other types of olive oil. The most important difference between early harvest olive oil and other olive oil is its smell and color. As the name suggests, the harvest time of early-harvest olive oil differs from other olive oils. When the early harvest olives start to be oiled between October and November, the harvesting processes are carried out. Thus, olive oil is obtained from the harvested olives. However, the harvest time for early harvest olive oil is in October, when the olives are still green. At this stage, the obtained stages are applied for unripe olives, as in other olive oil types. 

What is the Difference between Early Harvest Olive Oil? 

Early-harvest olive oil has a more delicious texture than other types of olive oil. Thus, you can use this olive oil in both hot and cold dishes, and salads and flavor your meals. You can enjoy its intense aroma by using cold delicacies such as breakfast or salad. At the same time, early harvest olive oil is frequently preferred by many people in oven stoves or grill recipes. 

Why Prefer Early Harvest Olive Oil? 

Early-harvest olive oil has different benefits. It plays a major role in cardiovascular health and cancer prevention. As it is known, olive oil is important for human health as well as for adding flavor to food. It contains different minerals and vitamins. Early harvest olive oil, with its unique taste and smell, takes first place among the preferred types of olive oil.


Early harvest olive oil, which has low acidity compared to other olive oils, helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels. It also strengthens the immune system and helps to remove toxins from the body. For this reason, early harvest olive oil, which should be preferred, will both flavor your meals and affect your health positively. Opus Black is early harvested for you from the Mediterranean, will offer you a unique taste and will be an indispensable element of your meals.