How to Detect Fake Olive Oil

The health benefits of extra virgin olive oils are countless, but this is not the same for all olive oils on the market. If you're looking to get the health benefits of olive oil, it's important to make sure you avoid the fake EVOO. Extra virgin olive oils are the highest quality and most expensive type of olive oil, but unfortunately, many brands try to pass off cheaper imitations as the real thing.

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 Olive oil fraud is quite common. They have various ways. Such as most of the olive oils labelled as extra virgin are actually not extra virgin. Beyond that, the most common way of selling olive oil fraudulently rather than in its real form is to mix it with other oils. You may think that you buy pure extra virgin olive oil, but it is mixed with oils such as vegetable oil or soybean oil in the oil you buy. The main reason for this is the desire to manufacture the product much cheaper. So we have some tips for finding out the fake olive oils.

Tips To Avoid Being Duped When Buying Olive Oil

In fact, taste and smell tests should be done to find out whether olive oil is fake, but there are a few ways to find real extra virgin olive oils without paying any money;

- The product you will buy must be in a dark glass bottle. Avoid products in clear glass bottles or plastic bottles. Sun, light are the enemy of extra virgin olive oil. So, if the extra virgin olive oil is infused with light, its beneficial phenolic components get lost. 

- Olive oil bottles with a cork cap should not be purchased. Since air will enter the olive oil, your oil will undergo oxidation and deteriorate.

- Only buy oil that says extra virgin because other definitions have no equivalent in the literature.

- Information such as harvest year, filling date, expiry date, and geographical indication should be written on the olive oil bottles you will buy.

- Pay special attention to the harvest date. Remember that olive oil should be produced in fresh olives. As it ages, it degrades and its beneficial phenolic components are lost. The best olive oil harvest date is within the last 12-14 months, olive oil is quite fresh. 

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Finding The Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

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