Olive Oil Is Health

Olive oil is among the most produced and consumed oils among known vegetable oils. Various studies have been carried out on olive oil for years, and a new benefit is discovered daily. Although the benefits of olive oil will not end by counting, it is useful to know a few benefits that olive oil, which is a healing store, creates in our body.

The fact that olive oil is effective in human health, especially in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, is because it is a monounsaturated fat. Olive and olive oil contain cell-regenerating and anti-ageing “oleuropein” substances. This substance is used in anti-cancer drugs in many developed countries.
The most important feature that distinguishes olive oil from other vegetable oils is its richness in oleic acid. This acid can stop the bad genes that trigger breast cancer.
Olive oil contains completely unsaturated fatty acids that allow the toxins accumulated in the body to be thrown out. It increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood and lowers the bad cholesterol.
Thanks to vitamin E, it can reduce the effects of ageing and renew tissue. It strengthens and revitalizes the dead limbs. It plays a significant role in preventing calcification.

We brought olive oil, which has countless benefits for the body, from the Mediterranean, where it was born, for you. Keep Opus black, the crown jewel of your kitchen, in your home for your meals and health.