Olive Oil Soap for Face

 Olive oil was known to be beneficial and sacred for humanity centuries ago. The soap made with olive oil, which has high vitamin value, will be the right choice for your skin.

Eliminates Pimples

Olive oil soap, which repairs skin cells, creates an effect that cleanses acne-prone skin. Olive oil soap, which contains antioxidant substances, supports the removal of substances that damage the skin and the breathing of the skin.

Heal the Irritation

Olive oil soap, which has cell regenerative properties, heals skin damage. Olive oil soap, which is useful enough to eliminate skin problems such as redness and itching, will make even people with sensitive skin comfortable.

Natural Moisturizer

You need vitamin E to keep the skin soft and moist; Vitamin E is also included in natural olive oil soap. Olive oil soap, which is definitely recommended for those living in cold and dry places, keeps the skin moist all day long. Since moist skin will be healthier, it does not allow skin problems.

Allows Skin to Breathe, Cleans Pores

To have healthy skin, the pores need to breathe and be cleaned. Olive oil soap is one substance that allows the skin to breathe. It cleans the pores and prevents the formation of inflammation. As your skin breathes, cells regenerate faster.

Delays Signs of Aging

This beneficial soap, which makes the skin look younger, also increases the quality of life of people. Olive oil soap, which creates a healthier appearance by renewing the skin texture, is the secret of youth, especially for Mediterranean people. Olive oil soap has a secret power that prevents wrinkles around the eyes and sagging on the lips.


How to Use Olive Oil Soap to the Face?

  • It is recommended to wash your face regularly during the day to apply olive oil soap to the skin.
  • A piece of olive oil soap is taken and foamed with some.
  • The foaming soap is applied to the skin's entire surface and left for 5 minutes.
  • Afterwards, the skin is washed with cold water and if your skin is very dry, it is moistened with natural olive oil cream.

If you clean your skin with Opus Bar every morning, you will soon notice the cleanliness of your skin.