What Vegans Eat and Don't Eat

What Do Vegans Eat?

 People who adopt a vegan diet have a choice between foods to continue their lives. In line with these preferences, they consume the following foods:

  • They get the protein they cannot get from meat from greens such as spinach, peas, kale, broccoli, black-eyed peas, bean varieties, chickpeas, lentils, bulgur, brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta, and nuts such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts, cashews.
  • Mushrooms in meals are very important in the vegan diet.
  • They take vitamin B12 as supplements with drugs.
  • They can eat dried fruits, vegetable oils, grains and soy for all meals.
  • They meet their chocolate needs with milk-free dark chocolate or vegan chocolate.
  • They give importance to water and fruit juice consumption.
  • Olives and vegetables play a big role in their breakfast.
  • They use soy flour instead of eggs.
  • They meet their honey need with fruit syrups.
  • When they want to use milk; They use coconut milk, almond milk and soy products.
  • “Tofu”, a Far Eastern food made with soy flour, is an indispensable food for vegans; Also known as vegan cheese.
  • In cases where butter should be used, they consume vegetable oils and olive oil.
  • They meet their nutritional needs by consuming at least 4 servings of vegetable food per day.

What Don't Vegans Eat?

 The list of foods vegans are against consuming is as follows, in order not to affect the lives and living rights of animals:

  • Meat and meat products are on the strictly prohibited list.
  • Milk and dairy products are also not consumed as they are from foods of animal origin.
  • Shellfish and shellfish are forbidden to be consumed because they affect the lives of sea creatures.
  • Eggs and egg products are on the banned list as they restrict the right to life of farm animals and are produced indoors.
  • They do not consume any foods of animal origin, such as honey and butter.


Vegans eat a variety of foods. They often replace meat, eggs, and dairy products with a variety of plant-based alternatives that add versatility to the vegan diet. The oil they use in their meals is not animal food, they prefer plant-based oils. Olive oil, which has both high polyphenol and high nutritional values, is indispensable for a vegan diet. Try Opus Black EVOO with your all meals